who are we

Deep experience, clear vision, and achievement of legal work

The Legal and Financial Consulting House is a long-standing institution that provides local and international legal and financial advice. To meet the needs of customers, as well as efficiency and flexibility in work. The House of Legal and Financial Consultants is also working on identifying the options available to its clients, taking their hands and preparing them to take the most appropriate and best decisions, in order to secure their position and protect their business and activities .

Our Mission

Believing in the value of excellence, we look forward to pioneering and advancing in the legal, financial and legal consulting and accounting sector. One team spirit .

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Our Vision

Since its inception in 2011, the House of Legal and Financial Consultancy has been keen to provide legal and financial advice, and we have the necessary skill and professional to answer all legal questions in all cases (criminal, civil, personal status, and marriage of foreigners, labor, and commercial We are trying hard to gain the trust of the client through the proper legal and financial communication channels that provide a great opportunity for dialogue and understanding between us and the client. We are objective, transparent and understand the legal and financial conditions of the client and deal with them with integrity and professionalism. , And formulate consensual formulas that combine the delivery of rights to its beneficiaries, and conduct the law properly and openness to the client the truth of things, without manipulating receivables and selling consciences .